Our latest job for the Rosendale in Dulwich

Sneak peak at our latest job for the Rosendale?in Dulwich. 6 Weeks, 15 tonnes of soil and a whole lot of fun.

The Rosendale’s front garden was a little bit tired and neglected when we went to measure up. This fine institution definitely deserved better!



We decided to make cedar planters following the curve of the pavement and staggered the heights of the planters. This made the garden feel enclosed from inside with out feeling too cut off from the outside.




The furniture we built at the Rosendale was arguably the most exciting feature about the build. We had some custom made galvanised girders welded up for the table bases and some ‘log cradles’ for the benches. We wanted to have fixed furniture as much as possible to put off potential thieves and so the staff didn’t have too much to store at night time.