When the Beer Garden Co goes indoors.

Despite our name, we do like to work indoors every now and again


We love an indoor project and they are cropping up more and more. We’ve ?done shopfits, bespoke counters, bars, offices, even ice cream shops in our time.

We approach interiors in much the same way as exteriors; listen to the client’s needs and ideas and design a space that we can execute flawlessly. We have a wide array of tradesmen we can call upon for specialist works, tradesmen we know and trust – we can sort out any electrical and plumbing work as the build progresses, so you are only dealing with our project manager.

Our style has clearly been shaped by our experience outdoors, so you will see a lot of timber and steel in our interior work; lots of clad walls and scorched timber. Luckily for us this aesthetic is translating very well in interior spaces. We are creating warm spaces that aren’t too self conscious, using natural materials and lines.

More often than not the interior work we have to do is night work, or round the clock; we will strive to accommodate you and your situation, to avoid disruption wherever possible and try to arrange our more intrusive works around your schedule.



Design by Studio B. Built by Beer Garden Co.